Arindam Biswas - Department of Architecture and Planning,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Arindam Biswas
Arindam Biswas Associate professor +91 13 32284785
Areas of Interest
  • Inclusive growth, urban inequality, Housing and urban analysis, Knowledge economy and regional growth, Resilience and water sensitive urbanisation, Urban and regional governance
Professional Background
2020-08-10OngoingAssociate ProfessorIIT Roorkee
2014-03-316 years 4 months Assistant ProfessorIIT Roorkee
2009-06-011 year 3 months Architect–PlannerJacobs Engineering India Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata, India (CES India)
2006-11-018 months ArchitectUnited Credit Belani Properties Ltd., Kolkata, India
2005-07-011 year 3 months ArchitectInterdesign, Kolkata, India
Multiple Posts
2020-01-01OngoingO.C. Time table Department of Architecture & Planning, IIT Roorkee
2020-08-04OngoingProfessor in charge, UN-Habitat Partner University programIndian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
2016-01-01OngoingMember, Department academic programme committeeDepartment of Architecture & Planning, IIT Roorkee
2017-01-013 years MURP CoordinatorDepartment of Architecture & Planning, IIT Roorkee
2014-01-012 years Member, Department research committeeDepartment of Architecture & Planning, IIT Roorkee
2016-01-012 years Coordinator, M. Tech programmeCTrans, IIT Roorkee
2014-01-01OngoingO.C. ITPI mattersDepartment of Architecture & Planning, IIT Roorkee
2014-01-013 years O.C. Building & maintenanceDepartment of Architecture & Planning, IIT Roorkee
Honors and Awards
Institute Research Fellowship, Outstanding Young Faculty 2020IIT Roorkee2020
ASEM Duo-India FellowshipAsia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) Fellowship Program2020
DAAD FellowshipGerman Academic Exchange Service2015
Best Poster AwardDWIH (German House of Research & Innovation)2016
UN-Habitat Partner University programThe United Nations2016
Best Paper AwardIBC2016
MEXT ScholarshipGovernment of Japan2010
Educational Details
PhDUrban Planning University of Tokyo2013
Certificate in International Environmental Leadership Asian Program for Incubation of Environmental Leadership, APIELUniversity of Tokyo2013
Master of City PlanningUrban Planning Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur2009
Bachelor of ArchitectureArchitectureJadavpur University2005
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyStart DatePeriod
PIVOT - Re-visioning peripheral geographies: Strategies for resilient urban development in the Global SouthRoyal Academy of Engineering, UK2020-111 year
Connecting the urban and peri-urban: A transformative policy framework for inclusive and resilient uGCRF-UKRI, UK2020-01Ongoing
Investigating social resilience for involuntary migrants internally displaced due to natural calamitICSSR2019-01Ongoing
Urban and Regional Inequality Modelling as Story-Telling: Using Simulation Models as NarrativeMHRD2019-01Ongoing
Impact of Land-Use Changes on Water Consumption Pattern in Urban AreasSICI2018-01Ongoing
Investment in Knowledge & Innovation & its’ Impact on Knowledge Cluster & Networking in Indian CityDST2018-01Ongoing
Conservation of Traditional Buildings and Dissemination of Traditional KnowledgeMoEF&CC2018-01Ongoing
Smart Performance Roadmap for Airport Terminal Buildings in IndiaDST2017-01Ongoing
Comprehensive Capacity Building Program for AMRUT and Smart City Mission CitiesMoUD2016-014 years 7 months
Framework to Manage Construction and Governance of Smart City Building in IndiaNBCC2016-01Ongoing
Measuring Inclusiveness of Indian Metropolitan Cities and Establish Inclusive Growth Index for IndiaIIT Roorkee2014-016 years 7 months
  • Institute of Town Planners India , Associate
  • Council of Architecture, India, Member
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Regional planningARN 676MURPSpring
Infrastructure planningARN 654MURPSpring
Live Project/Studio/Seminar-IIARN 415B Arch Autumn
Planning legislation & governanceARN 661MURPAutumn
Building construction IVARN 303B Arch Autumn
Infrastructure planning & managementCTN 502M TechAutumn
Working drawingARN 407B Arch Autumn
Architectural design IIIARN 202B Arch Spring
Planning studio IIARN 652MURPSpring
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Date
Planning for Sustainable Industrial Infrastructure in India focusing on Industrial EcologyMr. Kumar AbhishekA2015-07
A Framework to Manage Construction and Governance of Smart City Development in IndiaMr. Kranti Kumar MauryaA2016-07
Formulation a Framework for Governance in Public TransportMr. Mohit DevA2015-07
Location Choice of Knowledge Based Industry in IndiaMr. Hariharan Arun NatarajanA2017-12-28
Performance Assessment of Green Spaces Against Pluvial FloodsMs. Ankita SoodO2016-01
A Study on Spatial Differentiation of Internal Migrant's Housing Location in Urban IndiaMs. Vanitha PuttaO2017-07
Knowledge economy and development stress in the Neoliberal eraMr. Sagar SinhaO2020-08
Urban resilience policyMs. Nikita RanjanO2021-02
Metropolitan & Regional DevelopmentMs. Shraddha PanditO2021-07
A Regionalisation Approach to Knowledge Based DevelopmentMr. Vibhore BakshiO2021-08
Assessment of Housing Affordability in Million Plus Cities in India - A Case of LucknowMr. Prabhat RaoO2015-07
Post-Disaster Recovery Process: A Human Centric ApproachMr. Anshul PuriyaO2016-07
Courses or Conferences Organised
Conference NameSponsored ByDate
National Conference on Sustainable Built Environment (SBE-I)L&T Realty, BMTPC, DST & NBCC2015-01
International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment (SBE-II)Everest, BMTPC, 2017-01
Books Authored


5. Biswas, A., Kidokoro, T., & Seta, F (Eds). (2022). Urban and regional inequality in the neoliberal era: A narrative on its implication in the developing economies of Asia, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group (upcoming).

4. Chatterjee, U., Biswas, A., Mukherjee, J., & Mahata, D. (Eds.). (2022). Sustainable Urbanism in Developing Countries. ISBN: 9780367643799CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group (upcoming). 

3. Chatterjee, U., Biswas, A., Mukherjee, J., & Majumdar, S. (Eds.). (2022). Advances in Urbanism, Smart Cities and Sustainability. ISBN: 9780367641764CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group (upcoming). 

2. Seta, F., Biswas, A., Sen, J., & Khare, A. (Eds.). (2017). From Poverty Inequality to Smart City. Singapore: Springer, DOI- 10.1007/978-981-10-2141-1.

1. Seta, F., Biswas, A., Sen, J., & Khare, A. (Eds.). (2017). Understanding Built Environment. Singapore: Springer, DOI 10.1007/978-981-10-2138-1.

Book Chapters

5. Biswas, A., Koner, S & Singh, J. (2021). (Submitted) Gentrification and Spatial Inequality due to Knowledge Economy -  The Case of Bangalore, India. In Banerji, P & Jana, A (Eds), Advances in Urban Design and Engineering - Perspectives from India. Springer Nature.

4. Sood, A., & Biswas, A. (2021). Conflict between Land Reclamation and Natural Channels: Case of Greater Mohali Region. In Bhunia, G. S, Chatterjee, U, Kashyap, A., & Shit, P (Eds), Land Reclamation and Restoration Strategies for Sustainable Development., Elsevier. 

3. Biswas, A. (2021). A Framework for Resilient and Sustainable Post-Disaster Housing Strategies. In Knowledge Compendium on “Green Growth, Strategic Instruments & Carbon Neutrality", CAP-RES (National Institute of Disaster Management, India). 

2. Biswas, A., & Dev, M. (2019). Collaboration among Informal Organizations to Manage Informal Urban Transport in Indian Cities. In D. Cepiku, S. Jeon, & D. K. Jesuit (Eds.), Collaborative Governance for Local Economic Development: Lessons from Countries around the World. CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group).

1. Biswas, A., & Maurya, K. (2018). Governance and Institutional Framework for Smart Cities in India. Mugambwa, J. and Katusiimeh, M. (Editors); Handbook of Research on Urban Governance and Management in the Developing World . IGI Global, DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-4165-3.

Technical Reports

1. Biswas, A., & Dev, M. (2016). Country Report on national and regional planning framework and analysis of planning and development of NCR Delhi and Modinagar, India. Institute for Urban and Environmental Development (UED, Japan). Tokyo: Institute for Urban and Environmental Development.

Refereed Journal Papers

27. Biswas, A., Ramesh, G., Kumar, S., & Sankhla, R. (2022). Visualize the Diversity of Street Activities and its Contextual Settings in Indian Cities. International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development (accepted).

26. Natarajan, A., & Biswas, A. (2021). Global Advantage of Bangalore as a Location Choice for Knowledge-Based Industries in India. Regional Science Policy & Practice, Wiley-Blackwell (Accepted).

25. Biswas, A.(2021). Continuity in Tradition – A Narrative on the Cultural Heritage of Para and Adda in Kolkata. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Urban Design and Planning (The United Kingdom), ICE Publishing, 

24. Biswas, A., & Gangwar, D. (2020). Studying the Water Crisis in Delhi due to Rapid Urbanisation and Land Use Transformation. International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development, Taylor & Francis, 

23. Dev, M., & Biswas, A. (2020). Studying Operational Dynamics of Public Bus System: A Case of Lucknow City, India. Transportation Research Procedia, Elsevier, 48, pp. 3211–3222,

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1. Biswas, A. (2005). A Bio‐Climatic College Campus in a Hot Humid Zone. Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects. New Delhi: IIA.

Conference Proceedings

34. Rao, P K., & Biswas, A., (2021). Access to Housing Finance and Housing Affordability in India. International Conference on Future is Urban (ICFU 21), December 16 - 18, Nirma University, India. 

33. Putta, V., & Biswas, A., (2021). Understanding characteristics and role of spatial residential segregation for inclusive development in urban areas: A comparative study, International Conference 2021 on Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, November 25-27, Nanjing University, China.

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