Mukherjee M. (Ms) - Department of Architecture and Planning,Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Mukherjee M. (Ms)
Mahua Mukherjee Professor
Professional Background
2018-01-01OngoingProfessorDepartment of Architecture and Planning in Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
2012-01-016 years Associate ProfessorDepartment of Architecture and Planning in Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
2005-01-017 years Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Architecture and Planning in Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
2003-01-012 years LecturerDepartment of Architecture and Planning in Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
2002-01-011 year LecturerDepartment of Architecture in Birla Institute of Technology Mesra India
1999-01-013 years Associate ArchitectInterdesign Calcutta
1997-01-012 years LecturerSmt. J. D. Birla Institute of Home Science Calcutta India
1996-01-011 year Visiting LecturerArchitecture Department in Jadavpur University Calcutta India
1995-01-012 years Junior ArchitectC E Consultants Calcutta
1991-01-014 years Senior Research FellowJadavpur University Calcutta India
1990-01-011 year Trainee ArchitectSanyalson and Associates Calcutta
Multiple Posts
2016-01-01Ongoing CoordinatorHousing for All Mission, IIT Roorkee
2014-01-01OngoingICC Committee MemberIIT Roorkee
2012-01-012 years Institute Architect IIT Roorkee
2011-01-012 years Chief AdvisorHimalayan Explorers' Club, IIT Roorkee
2008-01-01Ongoing Member of Faculty BoardCenter of Excellence in Disaster Mitigation and Management, IIT Roorkee
2004-01-01OngoingMember of Library Advisory CommitteeIIT Roorkee
2004-01-01OngoingMember of Working groupIntellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell, IIT Roorkee
2009-01-012 years Member of Executive CommitteeStaff Club, IIT Roorkee
2004-01-011 year Member of the Sports sectionIIT Roorkee
2006-01-015 years Staff AdvisorHimalayan Explorers' Club, IIT Roorkee
Educational Details
Doctor of PhilosophyDesign Parameters for Human Settlements in a Megacity Calcutta Case StudyJadavpur University Kolkata2003
Master of EngineeringBuilding Science and TechnologyUniversity of Roorkee Roorkee1990
Bachelor of ArchitectureArchitectureJadavpur University Kolkata1988
Post Doc Research with Fulbright FellowshipEnvironmental Risk Management with emphasis on community seismic resiliencyArchitectural Engineering Department Pennsylvania State University USA PA2008
Certificate CourseInternational Construction ManagementLund University Lund Sweden1996
International Certificate CourseOrganised Self Help HousingUniversity of Costa Rica Fuprovi and Lund University Sweden2007
Professional Certificate CourseEnvironmental Planning & Management (E-Learning mode)CEPT University, India2011
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyStart DatePeriod
Preparation of Standards & Specifications for Design and Planning of Affordable Innovative Green HBMTPC2014-016 years 6 months
Documentation on Traditional Earthquake Resistant Building Technology available with SAARC CountriSDMC2013-017 years 6 months
Surface transformation due to Urban dynamics in Institutional campuses and its Environmental impacUCOST2012-018 years 6 months
Effects of Architectural Features on Wind Load in BuildingsUCOST2006-0114 years 6 months
Earthquake Vulnerability and Loss appraisal for nonstructural elements in the Campus Buildings a roaMinistry of Earth Science, New Delhi2006-0114 years 6 months
From dawn to dusk-Transportation of Rural women to and from Calcutta metropolisIFRTD (UK)1997-0123 years 6 months
Participation in seminars
NamePlaceSponsored ByDate
CIB Task Group 66 Webinar-The Implementation of Energy Efficient Buildings Policy in India and BeyonNetherlandsCIB2020-07
National Consultation on Development, Construction and Dissemination of Cost Effective TechnologiesIndia Habitat Centre, New DelhiBMTPC2012-01
National Conference-Pre-Engineered & Innovative Techniques in Construction IndustryKolkataIndian Building Congress at Hotel Swissotel, Kolkata2012-01
International Conference on Responding to Climate Change in the CaribbeanUniversity of London, United KingdomUniversity of London, United Kingdom2011-01
Workshop on Japan Multi-disaster: Earthquake, Tsunami, Fire & Nuclear radiationIIT RoorkeeIIT Roorkee2011-01
Brain Storming Workshop-Seismic Retrofitting PolicyGandhinagar, Chandkheda, AhmedabadIndian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar2010-01
Brainstorming session-Cost-effective building materials and construction technologies: problems & prNew DelhiBuilding Material and Technology Promotion Council ( BMPTC)2020-07
Regional Consultation Workshop-Urban Risk ReductionNainitalUNDP and DMMC, Uttarakhand2010-01
International Housing Conference 2010-Sustainable Housing:Charting New FrontiersSingaporeHousing Development Board, Singapore Government2010-01
  • Council of Architecture India, Member
  • Indian Institute of Architects, Member
  • International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB), Member
  • The Association of Engineers, Member
  • Centre for Built-Environment India, Member
  • India Habitat Forum (INHAF) India, Member
  • Fulbright Alumni Association, Member
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Date
Assessment of Sustainability of Residential Campuses of Higher EducationShaila S. BantanurO2020-07
Evaluation of Urban Renewal Projects under JnNURM for Sustainable Urban Development in IndiaDoreshor KhwairakpamO2020-07
Urban Risk ManagementNeha BensalO2020-07
Study of the Wind Environment around a tall buildingK. MohanO2020-07
Effects of Architectural features on Wind Load in BuildingsAlok David JohnO2020-07
Refereed Journal Papers
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Mukherjee, M 1992, ‘Thermal Comfort in Building Design’, The Journal for the Association of Engineers, INDIA, vol. 67, pp. 13-16

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